Our Story

How we began?

We started in 2000 working and producing beach sarongs for export markets, specifically to Cancun, Mexico and Hawaii.
A few customers have asked us to develop custom sarongs following the market need, since then we have focused more on custom sarongs.
Now we send sarong pareos to almost 200 destinations worldwide by working together with DHL, Fedex, UPS, air shipment and container.
We have grown the company and wish to grow more to continue contributing to the local community.


Steady Growth

  1. When we started in 2000 we worked with 2 people and now we work with 100 more people.
  2. Our factory started with 90 meters square and we have expanded to 10,000 square meter.

Our Customers

Our company’s clients receive orders worldwide, selling products in mainland USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, French Polynesia, Spain, and France in retail stores and as wholesalers.
We specialize in providing beach sarong or pareo to our customers.
We cater for small to high end mass bulk production in beach sarong or pareo and pride ourselves on understanding consumers’ demands for Western high quality and time efficiency at a reasonable price.


Future Prospect

Our aim is to help our local community through employment and aiding in the livelihood around us, Bali especially. We work with those around us to help flourish the local economy while supplying quality beachwear and meeting our customer’s needs.
To reduce waste, we reuse the fabric, creating patchworks of clothes, toys, and mats.
Our company aims to improve our worker’s satisfaction, efficiency and contribution to the community.
We ensure our staff’s wellbeing and happiness through free healthcare insurance, following legal controls, annual bonus, interest free loan, implementing training, and going on staff trips together. We’ve also helped through distributing rice and other food necessities, donating for the building of infrastructure, and providing scholarships to those living in the community we are in now, and grew up in, and will continue to do so.