Our Story

How we began

We are a married couple who started this business in Bali. Our journey began in 1997 when I started working in the garment industry, specifically for an American brand sold in Bali to tourists from around the world. Meanwhile, my wife worked for an American individual who owned a garment export business to America.

In the year 2000, we began our own venture by taking sewing projects, which we completed outside of our regular working hours, mostly during the nighttime. We would then submit these completed sewing projects during our afternoon breaks.


Steady Growth

From that sideline business, we eventually expanded by renting a store, creating a website, engaging in social media, and participating in exhibitions. Gradually, we focused solely on that business, actively seeking employees. At present, we employ approximately 100 in-house staff and 300 outsourced employees outside the company.

Initially, we merely provided sewing support to a single company. However, now we directly export our products to countries worldwide, both B2B (wholesale) and B2C (retail). We ship everything from Bali to every corner of the globe across five continents, utilizing services from DHL, FedEx, airplanes, and containers.

Our Customers

Our company's clients receive orders from all over the world, selling products in wholesale or retail stores across five continents including America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They also accept custom orders, which are then sent to us.

We specialize in providing summer wear, as well as Hawaiian Bali beach sarongs, pareo batik, and swim cover-ups to our customers. We cater to small, high-end, and mass bulk production of summer wear and Hawaiian Bali beach sarongs, pareo batik, and swim cover-ups. We pride ourselves on understanding consumers' demands for Western high-quality products, time efficiency, and reasonable pricing."


Future Prospect

Currently, we are the leading manufacturer and the largest company in Bali in the field of production and sale of ready-made stock batik, sarong, and pareo.

We are also on the path of growth to produce resort wear, specializing in 100% rayon materials.

From our humble beginnings as tailors working for a single company, we now cater to over 1000 customers worldwide and continue to expand. With the presence of our company's e-commerce website, our customer base keeps growing every day.

Our dream is for people all around the world who need batik, sarong, and pareo to buy them directly from us, ensuring they get these products firsthand from our company.